Our vibrant Momento walls symbolise the thrilling sensation of our unique flavours!

About Eim Aroy Authentic Isan Thai Cuisine

As expressed in our detailed restaurant name, Eim Aroy serves authentic flavours of Isan, Thailand. Isan is a multicultural area where Cambodia, Laos and Thailand meet, but not many people have visited to taste the uniqueness of our cuisine. The food culture in Isan is distinctively different as compared to the more popular Thai food. A staple meal for the locals would consist of dry spicy meats, fresh uncooked vegetables and glutinous rice instead of the usual fragrant rice.

Some of our customers’ favourite dishes in our restaurant are Thai-style Chicken Skewers made with our secret curry powder and Beef Tomsap, a rather creamy and beefy version of the common tomyam. One meal at Eim Aroy and you’ll find yourself raving and craving for more of our remarkable flavours. We’ve even had Thais visiting our restaurant and complementing our dishes!

About our design

We wanted to bring a sense of Isan’s rich culture and unforgettable flavours to the design of our restaurant. From the bamboo blinds, simple furniture, little decorations and all the way to the paint on our walls, every element is hand-picked to illustrate our cozy and humble lifestyle. The vibrant colours of our Momento walls give the restaurant a pop of excitement that symbolises the thrilling sensation of our unique flavours!

Eim Aroy Authentic Isan Thai Cuisine

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Eim Aroy Authentic Isan Thai Cuisine
No 9, Kompleks Perniagaan Gunung Inas, Lebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar