The textures brings a touch of modernity into our nostalgic environment

About Kopitiam 1970's

Kopitiam 1970’s is a recreation of my fondest childhood memories, in my grandfather’s home. Munching on homemade kaya toast and listening to his stories as he sipped a cup of his favourite kopi. Here, we bring customers together to reminisce and share over simple, timeless dishes.

We wanted to keep the atmosphere of our kopitiam as authentic as possible, but welcoming to the younger crowd. It’s quite common to see generations of families here, with grandparents telling stories to their grandchildren from photos on our memory wall, on which we used Momento as a backdrop.

The swirl of the textured paint gives more emphasis to our rich history, adding both the depth and meaning of every precious memory that is on the walls, and made here at our humble kopitiam.

Kopitiam 1970's

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1970's Kopitiam
29, Ground Floor, Jalan Rotan Utama, Taman Sri Jaya, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor