Customers are so crazy about our Mango Loh that we’ve even turned the walls Mango!

About K.T.Z. Food

Small but unmissable, K.T.Z. is a popular landmark in the busy neighbourhood of SS2. K.T.Z. stands for “Kei Tak Zek,” which means “remember to eat” in Cantonese. Our homey little restaurant gets a balanced mix of regulars and tourists every day. Sometimes it gets so crowded, you’ll see a queue outside.

It’s not uncommon to hear people scream “Mango Loh!” in our restaurant as it’s our signature shaved ice dessert. Our customers - returning or new - would go the distance just to have a bite of our Mango Loh. It’s been the most popular order for years now, that’s why our main walls are painted in sweet golden yellow - the colour of our Mango Loh. The textured effect of our chosen Momento also resembles that of a real, juicy mango fruit!

About our design

Our golden yellow walls fill the store with cheerful vibes and this feeling goes perfectly with the warm and delicious comfort food that we serve. Not only that, it’s a great talking piece for us and our customers. Customers ask about our walls quite often, and we always take the opportunity to get them to try our signature Mango Loh, that’ll surely keep them coming back.

K.T.Z. Food

03 7877 2499
No. 22, Jalan SS 2/63, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia