People are surprised that our golden counter was made with wall-paint

About Poppo Kanteen

When my mother-in-law used to run a school canteen in Batu Pahat, she believed that canteen food was not about quick and simple. Instead, she chose to delight teachers, students and even parents with her authentic recipes, giving them the opportunity to learn about the origins of food from different races and cultures too.

With her advice and her recipes, we opened this restaurant so that everyone else would be able to enjoy her signature canteen fare such as nasi lemak, biryani and cendol to name a few. Keeping the essence of everything you would remember about your school canteen experiences, with a modern twist . Classic ‘buku latihan’ menus, long table seating and weathered metal serving plates come to life in a bright, cheerful environment.

About our design

We’ve used Momento to add little touches of fun in surprising places throughout the restaurant, and my mom-in-law is especially proud of our yellow-gold payment counters from which she can proudly watch her little empire. And customers are always surprised when they find out that the beautiful textures and shine were made with paint, they always think it is some form of laminate.

Poppo Kanteen

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Poppo Kanteen
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