The 3D effects on our Momento blue walls give a dancing effect making our salon absolutely unforgettable.

About Bluebell Unisex Saloon

Inspired by its unorthodox beauty, our founder’s favourite flower is undoubtedly the bluebell. When placed amongst more popular flowers, the bluebell would surely stand out in its very own, mesmerisingly shy way. That’s why we’ve named our business after the bluebell. It carries a reserved sense of eccentricity and uniqueness, just like every individual’s varying preference for hairstyle.

We get a lot of young customers with their very vibrant sense of styles walking into our salon asking for either a very specific hairstyle or the Bluebell specialty - “surprise me!” These customers put our skills as hairstylists to the test, and in the name of individuality, we’ve never failed to create even the craziest of requests.

If you haven’t noticed - although it’s impossible to not notice - our walls are also painted in a beautiful bluebell blue. Our chosen hue and finish embraces our little salon with sheer elegance, while the texture and special effects carry a sense of motion and harmony. It almost feels like the Momento walls are dancing as one glances through them. The blue Momento walls are the true signature of Bluebell Unisex Salon, they make sure that every customer who walks in will never forget us.

Bluebell Unisex Saloon

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Bluebell Unisex Saloon
No.22, 1st floor, Lorong kompleks BSA, Kolombong, Kota Kinabalu